Plastic Pipes

However, it must be borne in mind that the life plastic pipe is dependent on operating conditions. All polymer materials have approximately the same resistance to pressure and temperature to be calculated at the maximum operating temperature for up to 75oS hot water and heating to 90 C at a pressure of 0.6 MPa and longevity of 25 years. In other words, the higher the temperature, the lower should be the pressure in the system. Important is the fact that the passage of water through steel pipes content of iron ions it increases due to corrosion of 3-4. In addition, according to the Institute. Erisman high accident rate of steel pipelines for corrosion and bad butt joints is, in many cases cause pollution of drinking water, contributes to the emergence and spread of intestinal infections. In the case of plastic pipe deterioration of performance rganolepticheskih water does not occur.

Plastic pipes light (eg, 200-foot bay with a diameter of 16 mm weighs about 20 kg), which greatly facilitates the handling and shipping processes, the performance of work on the installation of plastic pipes also significantly higher than steel. Being a poor conductor of heat, plastic pipes do not require such insulation like metal (for example, the thermal conductivity of polyethylene tubes in 175 times less than steel and 1300 times lower than copper). Except that on the surface of plastic pipes of cold water does not condense moisture practically. Plastic pipes are insulated noise flowing through them water, regardless of flow rate. Source: Richard Linklater.