Refined Sugar And Health

For thousands of years, sugar was unknown to man, man has lived and developed without sugar. Forget it, none of the old books, the Koran, New Testament, the I Ching, the Book of Internal Medicine Yellow Emperor, etc. Some 500 years ago, only Few people know about sugar. Now, among all the supplements sugar is most common. An ordinary person eats an average of 60 to 100 kg of sugar per year. However, in terms of nutrition and sugar – is the most junk food, which leads to degradation of the body and cause degenerative diseases. What are the effects of sugar in the body causes the purest refined white sugar from cane or beet does not contain proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

It is more than 99% is pure and simple carbohydrate rather like a chemical drug. Once in the body, it is rapidly converted to glucose and without digestion goes into the blood. In the body, he so rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, it requires an excessive amount of insulin and then leads to a decrease in blood sugar to dangerously low line, causing a condition called hypoglycemia. This condition seen as the decline of energy, fatigue, slowness of movements, anemia, dizziness, cold body, nervousness, low blood pressure, rough skin, darkening of the eyes, poor vision, cyanosis, hair loss, unexplained depression, and others. Many suffer from this illness and do not even know about it. At first glance this might seem absurd: how is a person who consumes an average of about a kilogram of sugar per week, resulting in a blood sugar is below normal? However, drinking too much sugar does indeed lead to a reduction in blood.