Scholastic Masters

After that, the ad responsio obiecta, the reply to each one of the objections of incio' '. Therefore, for the scholastic masters, education does not consist only of if abiding the definitive thinker (philosopher or theologian), but mainly fits to use the available thought all, exactly that it is the favor or against what is being displayed, and ahead of this, searchs to consolidate the thought or to prove that this thought is missed. It has aims at that the man, always looks ' ' verdade' ' , but this only truth not it exists, what it exists are the truths, concepts of truths, that never could be limited. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vladislav Doronin on most websites. Of this form, in the Scholastic what it caused the renewal of the dogmas catholics, mainly in regards to salvation of the man, transferred to criticize it the idea of the predestination, idea proposal for Saint Augustin. The man now started to be, only the responsible one for its salvation and consequently, it was a more active being ahead of the facts and the life. 3.Toms of Aquino and ' ' Of Magistro' ' Ahead it was displayed of it, one observes a recital change, is where if it locates the tomista thought, that even so have been member of the order of the Dominican ones, breaking with all the rules and established thoughts until then. Toms de Aquino, as it considered the man a privileged being, considered the conciliation between Faith and Reason, this form, the pupil would not need to search the truth following the way of the Faith or the Reason, but it could be used the two to base its thought. Toms de Aquino was seno the main one, one of the most important figures of the Average Age, therefore represented the conciliation of the tension between the medieval Christian tradition and the culture that was if forming in the new society. .