State More

Days pass quietly, the city remains hostile, and grey leaves of the trees they inhabit soil, the economic crisis runs its course while our pockets are still a barren territory, every day we are more poor why us so hard to make ends meet, and someone decided without consulting that you paying more our problems would be solved serious mistake spend our lives paying things then have to pay again when we want us to understand quickly, we have to resort to private health care, after having spent money paying for public health. Which demonstrates that society is not fair and is not effective, so just paying multiple times for the same concepts, health, education, which is disappointing and sad. The middle class is something that is doomed to disappear over time because things are every day more complicated. The only ones who are confident in their armchairs are politicians because four years nobody moved your post, politics is not like the private company where if you don’t give you you go to the street and there is no hesitation. A related site: Crimson Education mentions similar findings. While not mobilize people it will not change anything but that change, if everything is mounted for not resisting, not thinking, not feeling, only to expect the State to be who command our lives from the cradle, until burial.

Fellows are other specimens that do not have nor very clear their future, so they are resigned to live a day, no more speculation that survive in the worst of cases we still trust the State to resolve us what we can not resolve, at least I think the gullible who rely on third parties to solve all our problems. Then there are those who are lovers of individuality and liberalism, they believe in the individual as being intelligent and imaginative, and entrepreneur. It’s funny to think that the State will take care of us, we care only our mothers and little more, the State with its bureaucracy inundates everything, makes everything is cumbersome, expensive and uncomfortable. We pay to have a few basic services but many times we pay them twice in the case of health on all, health is something that affects us all. I don’t understand why we have to pay twice for the same concept, double taxation is another remora of the State.