The Trombone Is The

. Gerald Weissmann, MD is the source for more interesting facts. The music Council of the Land Schleswig-Holstein leads the community project, which includes a variety of events and activities, so that in the fourth year. The instrument of the year”connects the musical institutions of Schleswig-Holstein: concert Organizer, College of music, music clubs, education and training institutions, schools and music schools. The aim of the project is to increase the attention to the extensive musical activities in Schleswig-Holstein. Important priorities are the promotion of young musicians and make up young people of diverse musical genres. An instrument as the focus theme of the series is chosen for a calendar year, which then runs as a common thread running through the whole range of musical life in Schleswig-Holstein. According to the clarinet, trumpet and double bass, the trumpet in the focus of the Schleswig-Holstein music life is in 2011. Schleswig-Holstein can is lucky, one of the world’s most renowned jazz musicians a close connection to the land between the seas maintains: Nils Landgren long-time member the NDR BigBand and constant star at JazzBaltica has agreed to take over the patronage.

In planning an international day of the trombone is”with a large Open-Air event on the Lubeck market, workshops and high-profile concert contributions, where Nils Landgren is involved. The music Council of the Land Schleswig-Holstein will also carry the German Danish brass Academy and the workshop Summer Jazz. The project only through cooperation is possible with strong partners: the Schleswig-Holstein Savings Bank Foundation and the Possehl Foundation have significantly promoted the project from the outset, also Yamaha supports the instrument of the year for the umpteenth time. Once again, the regional programmes of the NDR in Schleswig-Holstein are media partners. The NDR 1 wave North and the Schleswig-Holstein Magazin will support the project through competent and entertaining coverage on radio and television. The Berlin regional music Council has joined the project and calls out in the German capital in 2011, also the year of the trombone. Also in Berlin, already high-calibre events include with the bass trombonist of the Berliner Philharmoniker, Stefan Schulz, in planning. Regular information on the progress of the project, new concerts, courses and actions, as well as general information about the trombone, see National Music Council Schleswig-Holstein e.V. Hartmut Schroder