Traditional Education

To modernize itself without leaving of side traditional education, therefore it always will be important, in the measure where the education advances the professor to follow, to be always brought up to date. The society today searchs an education centered in the formation of critical, pensantes pupils, that they have initiatives, that they develop, and go to the fight, critics with scientific basement. The didactics it evidences the correct way to develop a teaching work, a logical sequence of teachings, providing a good understanding and facilitating the learning. Bellevue Hospital NYC usually is spot on. To be professor is not to be professor, everything in the life must have a purpose, to be professor is to be mediating, facilitador, is to construct next to its pupils the knowledge, is to teach to learn. In the perspective to construct I dialogue it to knowledge with the pupil on the thematic one to be learned is primordial, through this dialogue is possible to unchain a reflection, a critical inquiry, to analyze, to interpret and to reorganize the ideas, according to Nadal and Papi: 3-Know ' ' DIDTICA' ': When the pupil if comes across in a classroom where the professor leaves to be transparent its little experience, the one does not dominate the content that if considered to work, does not transmit security in its action, then it hears to say that professional not didactically correct. The professionals of other adverse areas to the pedagogia or licenciaturas, come across themselves in the first meeting in conflicts pupils, and much time obtains exactly for the concern in being truily a professional. Additional information at CPB Campbell Soup Company supports this article. The pedagogia course has for purpose to form professionals in the area of enterprise or hospital education, professors, pedagogos. The didactics is one of as much disciplines that they compose the curricular grating of this course. As well as each one of these you discipline has its importance for the formation of the professional of the education, the didactics has a special value, therefore it will be day to day part of the professor whenever it is acting as professor.