Traditions Baptism – The Schultute

In Germany, the Schultute is the most important tradition, with the families celebrate the start of school. Normally, those children who are six years old, are trained in Germany the following summer. This back to school means a big change for the whole family – especially if it’s the first elementary age -. And as in all major events, also the enrolment is celebrated mostly. The most important German custom of the school is the Schultute. A bag full of sweet treats this one through the Schultute and German invention–in other countries it is not widespread. Since the beginning of the 19th century, she delighted the German first graders. While previous generations of parents had still the time to tinker with the approximately 80 centimeter big bag, the Schultute is purchased today mostly.

But then, parents take the filling of the container. Sweetness are the most popular content stuff, which is why they also the second name “Confectionery” leads. Sometimes, the bag contains but also useful for the next school day. Festive events in school, family and kindergarten to the traditions of the school include more solemn ceremonies: for example a greeting along with accompanying program in the school auditorium, sometimes a training service, and almost mandatory, a celebration of family, relatives, godparents and close friends are invited. This ceremony will take place at the first graders either at home or in a restaurant. In East Germany, a so-called confectionery Festival is also celebrated in many kindergartens. With this festival, symbolic goodbye children from kindergarten and are then ready for the training. To the confectionery Festival, the story that the sugar bags (abacuses) trees grow up ranking.

Therefore children may the fruits of small sugar bag trees in the nursery, before they get the right, big bags to the training. It is of great importance for most of the families, the important event documentary to hold. The first class photo, sometimes a whole book and a video recording, which filed the training for “Eternity” is one of these documents.