Uniform State Exam

Unified State Examination was introduced in Russia in its separate regions recently. In 2007, the State Duma adopted the Federal Law on the use of Uniform State Exam throughout the Russian Federation. Execution of this Act will be implemented in phases and will complete its completion by 2009. Must be said that in the discussed document says that to use the results Uniform State Exam for admission to college can be for two years after the date of exam. The document spelled out the right of all universities and Suza for additional entrance exams, if due to the specifics of this or that require specific expertise and inclinations, and training in the chosen specialty, such as physical stamina or the creative bent to the incoming a certain kind of art. Few institutions can exercise the right to conduct entrance examinations in their specialty, not excluding those that were made during the Unified State Exam.

What are the main principles for the implementation of the Uniform State Exam and what is the result of its introduction in the country? The purpose of a course, it is necessary to create the same conditions during the passage of final tests in school and enroll in universities in conducting this type of entrance examinations across the country will be offered the same job of gradation and a single assessment, these measures will compare high school graduates on their level of knowledge of the subject. Unified State Examination is held in unusual circumstances, which will not in any way doubt the correctness of the results. The answers to the exam, as well as short-answer free-form will be checked using a computer program specially adopted for this purpose people. Concerning the detailed free answers, these answers will be verified by independent experts invited to the defining much progress the student later in life event.