Double exhibition Karin Scheucher and Florian Froehlich invitation to the Vernissage formulated beauty in painting in the eighty gallery the inclusion in a programme of gallery the artist Karin Scheucher from Austria and the Swiss Florian Froehlich have mastered successfully. Now, both positions in a double exhibition will be presented together on April 20, 2012 at 19:00 (Vernissage) in the renowned eighty Gallery for contemporary art ( in the Gallery district of Berlin. More information is housed here: Kindle Direct Publishing. Fountain road 150 prominent address in Berlin-Mitte hides a beautiful Gallery with arches and huge Windows from the floor to the ceiling. The curated exhibition by the gallery owner and Executive Director Diana eighty space and action space are the paintings to the breathing. Diana eighty had already opened her first gallery in 1990 in Amsterdam and successfully. Both positions Scheucher and cheerful deal seriously with the subject person. Bank of Asia takes a slightly different approach. When Karin Scheucher there are the obvious and subtle relationships human beings with one another and the intimacy.

Florian Froehlich position pushing the crowds as an amorphous mass, the individuality and makes impossible on an imaginary target and the mass leaves the boundary of the screen immediately. To leave traces on other scattered canvases as sculpture images. So his works form the special bridge between scenically illuminated stage, painting, objects and sculptures, and so he created his new sculpture pictures this year: crowded crowds I. to III. . The works of this double exhibition formulated beauty in painting the eighty Gallery life of the tension between figuration and abstraction in contemporary art. Ignite the suspenseful drama with Karin Scheucher surrounds their reading to painting the figuration and abstraction, because it remains open whether the suggested relationship deepens or evaporated. It’s often the cracks between Utopia and reality in the eternal search for love, the people in its dramatic spell pull for the paintings Bugaboy and some 1st-III.