Webinars Profession To The Equal Pay Day

‘Women and salary as wife gets what she deserves’ earn Webinar series on the topic of women still significantly less than men – although companies credibly assure that women and men equal pay. The webinar series women and content such as wife gets what she deserves”, organized by the organisers of the women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, investigates these issues. On the occasion of this year’s equal pay days on March 25 are experts answer during the period 21-24 March 2011 on various topics in webinars and give valuable tips on how they improve their content and market themselves even more successful women can. The topics in detail: Modesty is not a virtue – salary negotiation tips for women March 21, 2011 18 17-80% of all buying decisions are made by women. They represent half of the world’s population and deserve but considerably less than men – though company credibly assure that women and men equal pay.

What does now the truth? The statistics are fake, talk the company existing injustices beautiful or is the cause for the women themselves to looking for salary differences, much less frequently than men ask for a raise? Melanie Vogel, initiator of the Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, women & work, which phases in the salary negotiation, there and shows how women best can prepare the content conversation in this webinar. Gender stereotypes & salary March 22, 2011 17-18 h the wide gap of the wage gap in Germany last but not least is result of the role stereotypes that act not only in the minds of decision gutters and decision-makers, but also in our own. What mechanisms are at work? How do stereotypes affect the perception and hence the decision of those with whom we negotiate our content or our fee? And how they act on ourselves, our performance, our behavior and our self image? Diana Ochs, owner of advice dark red undSpezialistin for the themes of female specialists and executives, participants in this webinar gives insight into the stereo research of of types of developments and important advice on how women can even help to reduce the discrimination in terms of equal pay.