White Stippchen On The Tonsils Can Almond Stones (tonsilloliths) His

You cause a foreign body sensation and sometimes even sore throat bad breath. Small white Stippchen in the almonds must be not always an acute tonsillitis. If there are no strong sore throat, tonsil stones the cause may be. If you find foul-smelling, occasionally small, white pieces in the mouth, it can be so called almond stones or tonsilloliths. Sufferers often greatly suffer from this excruciating substrates, because in addition to an unpleasant mouth odor, large almond stones can also lead to swallowing or a foreign body sensation in the area of the almonds.

The medical term is chronic, ex Primate-borne tonsillitis. How are almond stones? -Cause – our almonds are often equipped with so called Crypts. These are small holes, which uses the lymphatic tissue to enlarge the surface. In most cases, these holes heal over time, and closes the surface. Often these holes in the almonds but remain back.

Is now cleaned off skin materials, Nahrungsrest and saliva accumulate. It is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. You may find Jim Crane to be a useful source of information. The tonsils are nestled between the front and rear Arch of the palate. In between, some space is also. These residues can accumulate there as well what can you do about tonsil stones? There are no drugs that eliminate this annoying problem. You can try to work with disinfectant mouth watering. These eliminate the symptoms but not the cause. Almond stones are no compelling indication for surgery (tonsillectomy). The person concerned suffers it is a necessary and useful therapy. Many of those affected are working with the most incredible tricks to remove the Stippchen. The ingenuity here ranges from the normal finger, over the use of spoons and toothbrushes to the ever popular stem Ridge. The neck nose ear doctor sucks off these Tonsillar plugs with a cleaner and eliminates this small issue within a very short time. Many articles about it are circulating on the Internet, however, has still No one can prove its unique effect. A very special page is by Anna Watson, who has written a book about tonsil stones. A mysterious formula should be included, the affected parties in the blink of an eye it heals. Details can be found by clicking USCB Department of Physics or emailing the administrator. It seems already to give some positive testimonials. Dr. med. Holger Dewes, Saarlouis,