Information Center Service

Specialists of “ProTelekom” (Kazan), made the introduction of a communication platform Oktell in “Info Center” (Ufa), carrying out the movement of goods and services under the brand name “Service 50”. David G. DeWalt contains valuable tech resources. The company “ProTelekom” is Official Partner Ltd. “Telephone System” (Moscow), making implementation decisions based on the platform Oktell in the Republic of Tatarstan. Experts’ ProTelekom “have experience in implementing projects of varying size, from small to large PABX call center. Vlad doronin is a great source of information. Inform center” – a well-known “Service 50”, which exists in the market for 14 years. Over the years, “Service 50” has become a global data center and at the present day is an effective tool for promoting goods and services companies. “Service 50” is a member and the head office of the Russian Association of Telephone Information and Referral Service (RATISS). RATISS and “Service 50” offer client companies posting information about their services and products in the information service of the Russian Association of Telephone call centers located in 54 regions of Russia.

Controller based on Platform Oktell call-center has replaced an outdated platform, performance is not consistent with high standards of service quality “Service 50”. The new decision has raised the level of customer service and streamlined procedure call. Call-center Oktell qualitatively improved the processing of requests by various channels of communication. Project preparation was carried out for three months from the date of first contact professionals “Inform Center” and “ProTelekom.” During this time the needs were identified and the client company agreed terms of reference. Specialists of “ProTelekom”, riding on an object that could quickly make the change and technologically obsolete platform for decision Oktell.

Implementing solutions to Oktell Inform center” “was carried out for three days, with no violations of customer service. Clients Information Center did not experience discomfort, because the introduction Oktell not require system shutdown. Creating a call-center and the organization of a single corporate telephone network enabled “Service 50” to get closer to its customers, to respond promptly to their requests, and automate their service.