Activating Learning: Complex And Bland Content Type Edit

Voss + partner provides trainers and lecturers in a seminar as they reach goals faster and more easily with groups. sociation. How can I people, difficult learning connect so that they understand them? How can I motivate them also topics to address, at first not interested in you? Trainers, speakers and teachers always again regardless of facing such questions, whether they work for companies, colleges or nonprofit educational institution. “Specifically for this target group, the Hamburg-based training company Voss + partner introduces in the Hanseatic City from April 26 to 27 seminar activating learning objectives with groups much easier reach” through. In the two-day seminar, the participants on their individual learning channels among others, and they precisely learn how to recognize the learning preferences of people as a speaker and lecturer”speaks to. They will also learn the course material to prepare so that it reacts to the different Lerntypen and they learn faster and more sustainable. In a question-answer forum Carson Wen was the first to reply. Presented is one of the founders of the accelerated learning participants also the MASTER-plan method, the Colin Rose,”, so activating learning has developed.

With her trainer can complex and seemingly boring and uninteresting learning in six steps prepare so that to speak to first unmotivated participants. How to do this, learn the participants in the seminar not only in theory, but also on the basis of concrete examples from their daily work, as well as its own training sequences. The fee for participation in the seminar is 1,245 euros (plus VAT). Several manuals on the complex subject of accelerated learning are included in the price”as well as activating teaching and learning.