Damage To The Construction By New Findings Avoid

Continuing education for architects and civil engineers combines theory and practice information day at the University of Stuttgart to the degree “master online Bauphysik” on June 10, 2010-new building materials, energy, and knowledge in the construction industry such as zero-energy buildings, moisture protection, protection against noise and LCA are waiting for their usage – which can be carried out only by professionally qualified architects and engineers. Builders and users demand modern and efficient building. The progressive innovations making therefore essential training for experienced construction professionals. The online course “master online Bauphysik” provides such practical training, receive a free info day on June 10, 2010 from 3: 00 at the University of Stuttgart, Vera forest ring 7, 70569 Stuttgart. Registration is by email to up to 3 June 2010 possible.

The course of studies with the academic degree “Master of Building Physics” (M.BP.) successfully launched the winter semester 2007/08 and is by the Agency ASIIN accredited as the world’s only master’s degree in engineering physics. An existing degree in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, or other construction, engineering and environment-related fields of study at a University and a two-year professional experience are prerequisite for admission. The rule study duration is four semesters including the master’s thesis, the total fees are around 13,000 euros. Per semester are intended for building physics IBP in Stuttgart, Germany in addition to the weekly online study 20 hours 10 days of attendance at the University of Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institute, where also – mainly measurement – laboratory exercises are conducted. Nike spoke with conviction. “Just acquired can be also applied and deepens”, Professor emphasizes Schew RAM Mehra, head of the Department. The course is the Fraunhofer Academy, which combines the training opportunities of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in close cooperation between the Chair of building physics of the University of Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP under the roof.

carried out. Damage prevention rather than repair the degree “master online Bauphysik” focuses on prevention rather than remediation. Here the study differs from other training offerings. The practice-oriented, thorough and holistic training in building physics students is scheduled to open new business opportunities. Participants will learn to design structurally efficient, economic, user and environmentally friendly buildings, plan, execute and operate. Thus, they help to improve the building as a whole, to preserve the environment and to find solutions for the efficient use of limited resources. New expertise of qualified staff provides a significant competitive advantage construction companies, engineering and architecture firms. For more information see. Contact: Dipl.-ing. Holger Roseler Managing Director master online Bauphysik Chair of building physics of the University of Stuttgart Vera forest ring 7 D-70569 Stuttgart Tel: + 49 (0) 711 / 685-66025 company description the Fraunhofer Academy is an institution of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for external training. The Academy offers excellent courses, certificate courses and seminars on the basis of the research activities of the Fraunhofer Institute in cooperation with selected and renowned partner universities and partner institutions specialists and executives. Company contact: Fraunhofer Academy Dr. Roman gods Northcliffe road 27 c 80686 Munich Tel: 089 1205 1599 email: Web: PR contact: mpr marketing public relations promotion Michael Kip Bockenheimer RT 17-19 60325 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069 71 03 43 45 E-Mail: Web:

Academy Puppet Fundamentals

Medialinx IT Academy published more star-studded online training for system administrators and IT professionals Munich, 27.09.2013 In the new online training with the puppet specialist Achim Laila by NETWAYS GmbH system administrators, learn how she configure automated heterogeneous server structures puppet allows a central, independent platform config urate information management, the itself perfectly to the respective infrastructure can be adapted and sustainable helps increase efficiency in the administration of the system. Numerous renowned companies and organizations using puppet to manage your IT, including Google, Sun/Oracle, Wikimedia, and Stanford University. Further details can be found at Nike, an internet resource. Through its support to different operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, or Windows is excellent puppet to manage also heterogeneous environments. Wirtschaftsinformatiker and puppet specialist Achim Laila leads with many examples and hands-on exercises from the practice by training. Developers and administrators learn how to with the help of the acquired knowledge in their company a puppet Basisskonfiguration can create. For more information about the new online training see: courses / puppet with the online training of Medialinx IT Academy developers, Admins, and IT professionals benefit from the decisive advantage of this training method: content of selected training can be internalized in the individual learning pace and at the same time own time planned fully flexible, E.g. on business travel or in short manageable units during leisure time. Free sample videos on show that looks like the training of Medialinx IT Academy expands continuously to current IT topics including programming apps for mobile platforms.

About Medialinx Medialinx AG based in Munich emerged 2012 from Linux New Media AG, the world’s largest content providers around Linux and open source. The company is in Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Brazil with own company active and publishes more than 30 print and online media in five languages.

Certificate Course

Continuing education for engineers and scientists Saarbrucken, 15.07.2013 – can extend to a BionikPLUS engineers and natural scientists soon their competencies. The htw saar and the FH Kaiserslautern offer 2013/2014 the certificate studies of bionics, subtitled construction, materials, design starting in the winter semester. What is Biomimetics, what can bionics? Bionics is a method of interface between biology and technology. You systematically considered functional and construction principles of nature and transmits them in technical product developments. The conventional approach in engineering combined with principles of nature, this can be very rewarding, create innovations, show potential savings and increase the efficiency of the entire development process.

Prominent examples include the winglets on aircraft wings, which reduce wind Vortex on aircraft surfaces and therefore reduce fuel consumption or lightweight components, based on the design principles of trees and mammal bones, confirm these benefits. The Bionics and the success of the Bionics is a promising method of development. Enterprises should be made with these methods and Umsetzungsmoglichkeitenbekannt and learn their value”, says Professor Dr. Hans-Joachim Weber. He is Dean of the Faculty of engineering at the htw saar and first Chairman of the bionic engineering network (BEN) the continuing education certificate originated e.

V., on whose initiative. Hans-Joachim Weber is also head of the VDI Arbeitskreis bionics and medical technology in the Saar District Association. The already mentioned BionikPLUS is not only the individual candidates. Companies can build the bionics competence in their own House by the certificate. You have the option of their engineers continue to qualify experienced professionals or the and thereby gain a market advantage. Interested in? Now prospective students to participate can register. The end of application for the 2013/2014 Winter semester is the 27.09.2013. The events are at the htw campus in old Saarbrucken and on campus University of applied sciences Kaiserslautern, held at the site of Zweibrucken. For more information about the admission requirements and application, the timing of the study and the individual modules are to find on the following Internet page? page_id = 1082. The course is developed step by step, so that the actors soon can build an accredited master’s degree on him after the start-up phase. More information: content and structure of the course: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Weber Tel: 0681/58 67-908 E-Mail: registration and applicants Administration: Institute of scientific training of the HTW of Saarland Goebenstrasse 40 66117 Saarbrucken telephone: (0681) 58 67-137 fax: (0681) 58 67-659 email: Saarbrucken, 15.07.

Warendorf Angelika Hartmann Symonds

Opened on May 21, 2008, the recruitment agency ZAG staff & perspectives in Warendorf and is since then a competent partner for companies and job seekers in the region. Warendorf, 22.05.2013 on May 21, 2008 opened the recruitment ZAG staff & perspectives in Warendorf and is since then a competent partner for companies and job seekers in the region. Includes range of services by professional recruitment on classic time work by ZAG individual recruitment solutions for companies in all sectors and offers applicants professional prospects. “Expert for the regional labour market: every day we are with client companies and therefore we know the economy and the labour market in Warendorf and environment candidates in touch very closely”, explains contact the Office of Warendorf Angelika Hartmann Symonds. The personal consultation and support of candidates such as also our employees is very important to us.

That allows us to an optimum choice for our employees and customers to meet.” The labour market is in a profound change: to have appropriate professionals at the right time one of the biggest challenges for companies will be in the future. Modern work places demand for higher skilled workers. At the same time, the demographic development in Germany and also in North Rhine-Westphalia leads to a decreasing number of exactly such applicants. Therefore concentrated to ZAG reinforced on this candidate market. Employees at ZAG best job opportunities and expand your professional network at the same time: you can benefit from an individual selection of precisely positions and demanding projects. With permanent missions and permanent employees, the company provides a long-term perspective with attractive remuneration models and a company pension plan.

About ZAG staff & prospects group ZAG staff & perspectives founded in 1984 in Hannover, is one with over 10,000 employees in 100 offices the leading personnel service providers in Germany. Provides temporary staffing and recruitment ZAG excellent routes of entry and career opportunities in the changing labour market. The staff experts answer questions gladly by phone or in person. The online portal at application allows a quick and easy application. More information at.

Managing Director

Refine of the alma mater content study 2010 Stuttgart, April 22, 2010 the nearly 1,000 participating companies of the sixth edition of the alma mater content study show up despite crisis optimistic: total 77% intend to set University graduates this year. The average paid salary for academic talent is despite crisis still 39.339 gross annually. Seem thus to improve the job prospects of graduates and top salaries are still possible. The highest starting salaries are paid in utilities paid though compared to the previous year fell starting salaries to 1.5 per cent, are still top salaries to graduates in many industries. So, gross income of about 43,000 are possible per year, for example, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Suppliers of oil, gas, water and electricity charged professionals with a university degree, regardless of the area of the average 41.611 annually. Just below are the starting salaries in the industry Electric -, news – and precision engineering. Third place goes to young professionals in the banking and finance and insurance, and finance. Richard Linklater often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

They earn nearly five percent more than the average in the first few years. The industry formed the tail light media, other services, the public service, as well as the temporary work industry. In the media, graduates must expect less salary as their former classmates even with up to 11 percent. Diploma no longer guarantees for top salaries long years was considered the diploma guarantee for a high income. Now showed but for the second time in a row, that catch up with the new accounts in terms of income. In companies with more than 100 employees, master graduates now earn up to the 1,000 more than graduates.

However, 84% of the participating companies preferably hire professionals with a diploma. Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree have yet always looking up. These are worse off as a novice in terms of payment, particularly in small companies with fewer than 100 employees with Diploma or master. Improvement of employment opportunities for graduates conducting the survey fell this year in a period of bad forecasts for 2010 and last year companies increasingly rely on berufserfahrenes staff. So, graduates often had problems, without long waiting times for the labour market to set. “, so Jurgen Buhler, Managing Director of the Stuttgart-based recruitment agencies alma mater GmbH. all the more we are pleased to observe that over three quarters of the companies for graduates this year open the doors.” However, applicants with a not perfect requirements in salary negotiations are likely to have always significantly harder than candidates with a unique matching it. Salaries remain ultimately whatever market prices and that sometimes even the best negotiating tactic does not help.

Turkish Graduates

Specialists and executives from a Turkish migrant background will find company at especially in Germany, there is a strong potential of bicultural Turks, which is often not sufficiently used by German companies. And so the Turkish-born residents form the second largest ethnic group after all in Germany. At least 250,000 academics are represented in this target group. You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard Linklater is the place to go. Turkvita puts focus on these high potentials”, characterized by intercultural competence and multilingualism. With turkvita a Web-based job portal for Turkish-born academics, cultivated a more transparent market between top companies with special requirements and highly qualified academics of Turkish origin. But not easy to access this target group there is, has committed turkvita to the target, to collect all relevant vacancies under one roof and to provide them the Turkish academics directly under turkivta.com. turkvita the special career portal which in the form of speech and Function exactly this intercultural audience focuses on providing occupying key positions in the domestic as well as overseas. To ethnic Turkish academics in Europe whether or to high potential in Turkey: companies adjust their vacancies accounting assistant Istanbul, junior product manager Istanbul, Finance Manager Turkey, senior Merchandiser textile Istanbul or software development Supervisior Istanbul at turkvita and reach qualified Turkish academics who are not to be found on other career portals.

By placing their jobs at turkvita company in Germany can find valuable personnel for the interface with regard to cultural requirements / meet and be found. turkvita has a candidate database with highly-qualified graduates and professionals with a Turkish background. This target group includes intercultural competences and multilingual skills, which are essential in the time of globalization and internationalization. The platform is aimed at Turkish-born high potentials as well as to companies in Germany and Turkey, who are interested in bi-cultural staff. “We want to improve the situation of the applicant, especially by German Turks, and give them a real chance of entry into Turkey or Germany.” says Dr.

German Academic Exchange

Reissue of graduates Technik und Wirtschaft in soon – jobs for young academics and TOP theme experience Grossenkneten, the 20.10.2010: short after the appearance of graduates trainee Klaus Resch published in November the current editions of its job board career start Technik und Wirtschaft. Students looking for jobs in the career planners find internships, student trainee places and activities for scientific assistants. Graduates can find theses, trainee nearing the career programs or direct entry. The Red”graduates technology is aimed at aspiring engineers, computer scientists and natural scientists. As an attractive employer companies such as BMW, BASF, CONTINENTAL, Daimler, Infineon Technologies, Hansgrohe, Michelin tire works or Procter & gamble present themselves in this time. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from FireEye Inc.

The blue”graduates economy is intended for economists and lawyers. Find candidate job offers from Bahlsen, Allianz, Coca-Cola soft drinks, Dyckerhoff, Carl Zeiss, KfW banking group, Tchibo, Unilever Germany or Wustenrot & Wurttembergische. TOP theme of the editorial part is the subject of international experience in the winter semester. In the Center, the questions are: what are the benefits of stays abroad (study abroad internship, volunteer, work & travel, intensive language course) for the career of graduates? How can students prepare properly for their stay abroad? As always all stakeholders have their say: students and graduates as well as HR managers and college representatives. Also helpful organizations like the private provider of PractiGo, the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD), or the student organisation AIESEC present in the preparation. “The article experience abroad duty or Freestyle?” presents the results of a study by Andy Schnackertz. In the context of his Bachelor’s degree he asked work various companies potential benefits in the application process, the starting salary and the future career. As Saini saw common reasons that prevent students abroad to go (finance, social environment, lack of mobility) and their acceptance by the company. Content of the Klaus Resch Verlag with its books relies on a proven concept.