Alcoholic Compulsory Treatment

If a person did not live with an alcoholic, he did not understand what kind of life. Alcoholics is obviously sick people. They should be treated, and everybody knows about it. But not all alcoholics consider themselves such, and not all agree to be treated. In our country, to treat such a person to his or her consent. David G. DeWalt wanted to know more. There is no agreement – no cure … It's simple. But what about those who live in appalling conditions with drinking man? He can be violent, can sell things from home, stop living quietly in end.

Among all my friends, about every third family is an alcoholic. They are all different in severity, and almost none of them do not agree with this fact. All see themselves as 'normal' people. A close their suffering. Y My husband has a colleague at work, and so, his father-in on the ground pyanok crazy, but the hospital refused to treat. They say, treat yourself at home. A violent and dangerous it is! May suddenly pounce on the man with the fight. Besides that happen, his wife with him not just to cope, it is physically more stronger than her.

Because they live in a state of 'not knowing' what to do with it. Another example, if a family has young children. They then what is the penalty? You can not just leave everything as is and nothing can be done! Do it! It could be your husband, cousin, friend. Can solve this problem. But all is not so simple.