Bachelor Education

To approach the subject on the formation of the educator is to display the difficulties found in professional acting, that for many times they need to be father, mother, artists, friends and to the innumerable problems faced due to preparation lack. The profile of the professor of physical education was directly on to the esportivo scope and not to the escolarizao process, thus, instead of terms professors, we had technician. Today the reality of the physical education is a little different, due to reformularization of the resumes of the courses of professional formation, has the bacharelado one, that they form professionals in physical education and the permitted ones, that they form professors of physical education. In the course of physical education of the University of Passo Fundo, these alterations had occurred in 2004, where the resume that would serve in such a way for Full Licenciatura how much for the Bachelor, started to be only of the course of Licenciatura in physical education. The formation of the professors of physical education lacks in such a way of theoretical substances how much of practical, characterizing and qualifying so that the professional acts in planning, in the orientation and the supervision of the different manifestations of the corporal culture. The curricular reform of the courses of Licenciatura in physical education, points as main contributions with respect to the construction of the professional the Philosophical-Pedagogical formation, the esportiva initiation, the recreativos games, the personal effort, the practical lessons, the teaching influence and the periods of training. Thus, analyzing the contributions of the curricular reform, it is observed that the period of training is the moment that it provides to graduating the full contact with the pertaining to school environment. The supervised period of training assures the indissociabilidade of the theoretical knowledge with the practical one. In elapsing of the pedagogical experiences, the academic of physical education will carry through its action acting with bigger security, demonstrating capacity to formulate objectives, to select contents, this will allow that the professor in formation lives deeply and consolidates the demanded abilities to exert it professor.