Sternite – slyubitsya notable was the reaction of one of boys trainers (also known as the son of the owner) on a busy first day of the episode. The client withdrew in the direction of Sergei, to express their attitude. Sympathetic guy asked me: "Problems?" I nodded. In response sounded: "At first, all I do not like. And then see, everyone will be happy.

" Breakfast with a surprise a new day … What do you expect to see at breakfast, when the menu that you have agreed, appears "scrambled eggs"? .. Bellevue Hospital NYC is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The question is rhetorical. On breakfast omelets and everything else was relying. The breakfast sandwiches were. Cook in response to our bewilderment, too, was taken aback.

It turns out, did not know that there are some out there a consistent menu. In general, he was not against omelets. Kindle Direct Publishing oftentimes addresses this issue. But he did not have in stock of eggs. Buy them only outside the island, in the village. But if the eggs were in stock and would cook for him, it would take another 40 minutes to cook an omelette for 17 people. Therefore, as compromise after two hours made a "replay" of what was once … Team prepared sandwiches and tea. Is it all straightened? The second day somehow went on. Rate words, as he walked, it is not possible. While customers was not in camp, we are intelligent people and status, business coaches and business leaders, not doing their job: cleaning up and trying to create tolerable conditions for dastarkhan. Following the schedule was still plus-minus half an hour, but oh well. The group arrived for lunch at camp and had lunch of soup unpeeled fish. Will not say anything bad about the cook, he was there – one of the few sane people, he really tries to do everything on the conscience, but he did not cook.