Benefits Of Cyberspace

Usually, this means that the timing of stretch and there is no sense of boundaries and time. When face to face counseling session lasts an average of 60 minutes, Online therapy is not real time, there is only psychological. Cyberspace creates an interactive time, which flies to each their own way. Letters can be reread by appending. At Arkansas Cinema Society you will find additional information. Can be created impression that the therapist is always connected, always on the other side of the screen. For some customers, it creates a sense of security. You can send multiple emails per day, subject to the flow of the unconscious. This gives the area for reflections.

You can use the rule of 24 hours, then wrote the answer, you do not send it immediately, but waits for a specified time and re-read your message. In Internet therapists may use techniques such using the time for more in-depth study of the problem or to offer clients not to send a letter to ease reading of censorship. It should be mentioned that in the beginning of therapy, people tend to often write letters like fear of losing contact, but over time the flow is reduced and becomes a regular. Increasing the number of letters can say the worsening situation on the client or the sudden deepening of intimacy in relationships. Reducing the rate of exchange Letters may indicate a weakening of ties and the abandonment of interest. The abrupt silence partner can talk about strong emotions, be a sign of anger and punishment. We know that in cyberspace, people are becoming more liberated, psychological defenses are weakened.