Carl Rogers

The proposal is inspired in the reflections of Carl Rogers on the education centered in the pupil, developed from the idea of an education ' ' libertadora' ' not directive e, in which the learning not it happens for and yes only express the cognitivo factor as a way of looking at for the pupil, as an interest that if discloses in the action of the educator. Source: Vladislav Doronin. The appreciation, the responsibility and the dialogue are common to this attitude. Beyond these, it has others three facilitadoras and important conditions that the relations must permear: the unconditional positive consideration, the emptico relationship and the congruence. How much to the first condition, it is understood capacity of respect to the other in order to transmit an acceptance without conditions or previous judgment; second listening capable mentions itself to it to understand the feeling of the other, its way of being and feeling, what the other this direction while human being; the third condition says respect to the authenticity, of being who really is in the relation, without masks or faades, demonstrating coherence between the feeling and the experience. Thus, Rogers also presents the concept of atualizante auto trend, that calls as being the motivador element, force that stimulates the subject to one to develop its potentialities. Such conditions, when lived deeply in the educational context, more specifically in the relation professor-pupil will facilitate the teach-learning process, therefore, the more the person accepted and is understood, bigger will be the trend to become more realistic, autoconfiante and ccomplishing, a time that such conditions would have to be gifts in all the relations and contexts, as of the classroom, the community, the familiar environment, in the couples, between parents and children, among others. In this direction, she is of basic importance that the professor is prepared and convicto of that its paper goes beyond only one transmitter of knowledge, of ' ' detainer of verdade' ' , and that these facilitadoras conditions, favor the relations, which, according to Rogers, can be an important and necessary vehicle so that a learning more human being happens of more efficient form and, therefore, the more the professor to demonstrate attitudes whom such conditions involve, greater it will be the degree of authenticity and creative potential of the pupils.