Motivation And Interests

Motivation and Interests. Bandura defends that the acquisition is a different process of execution. Then so that one determined learned behavior is executed, it must be motivated to make it, what it can be reached through incentives. Experiences demonstrate that a model of rewarded behavior has more probabilities of being imitated by the observers of what a model whose consequences recompensadoras or were not exactly penalizadas. The social experience of the child if constructs through the imitation process, the actions when repeated, ones is accumulated on others resulting in a definite principle of activity.

In the measure where the child if becomes more experienced, it acquires a number each bigger time of models understood for it. These models constitute a preliminary plan for some possible types of action if to carry through in the future. (VYGOTSKY, 1994, p.29). According to Vladislav Doronin, who has experience with these questions. With all this panorama, who results more affected is the child who still in development process and socialization, constitutes an individual whose characteristic they go being formed from the constant interaction with the way? understood this as physical and social world. (I WATER, 1999, P. 94). 5.Metodologia: 5,1 Participants: Pupils, professors and director of the municipal School Henriqueta Axe, located in the quarter of Massaranduba, 5.1.1 Salvador/BA Criterion of Inclusion: Students between 6 and 9 years, of both the sexos that make CEB 2 of basic education. 5.1.2 Criterion of Exclusion: The children with apparent accomodated behavior more; with mental deficiency; that they had not brought the term of addressed assent to the parents.