How to find a cheap motor scooter and what to keep in mind. Many people want a scooter! But not everyone can afford a new scooter, since this can cost between 500 and 11000 euro. It is therefore much more valuable probably for most to buy a used scooter. But not all previously used models are still in good condition. There are many different models with different appearance, speed and various powerful engines.

Some are suitable only for the city, but others are also suitable for long-haul. When the used scooter purchase you should always ensure that the mileage of the scooter is not very high, so you can use the desired vehicle as long. No matter whether new or used motor scooters to buy one and also drive one requires a driver’s license first. There are four different classes: the entry-level, the lower and upper middle class and the elite class. The premier class the best, fastest, and also expensive, the King class. The licence for the upper middle classes (250cc scooter) is possible with 18, but there are some limitations. At the age of 25, a direct entry is allowed.

The gut-wrenching reason for the premier class is that of the motor of the motor scooter a lot comfortable powerful and the roller. Pass trip, road usage or highway trips, motor performance never lacking, on the contrary. Sovereignty is the strength of the big Scooter, which comes at a price, however. The middle class for the lower middle class (125cc scooter) you have to be 16 years old, but it is limited up to the 18th year of life at a speed of 80 km / h. The vehicles approved for this certificate are the classic”under the scooter. They are economical, practical, have a top speed of 90 to 110 km/h and are approved even for the highway. At upper middle-class, there are exactly the same age restrictions for the driving test as in the premier class. The scooters are elegant and have a top equipment. Their engines offer not only light-footed rolling on the road, but also left and speedy progress on the mountain. The entry-level so that you can take the exam for the entry-level, must be at least 16 years old. With this license you can drive only small scooters, with a top speed of 45 km/h, however these have many advantages: they are agile, approved for two persons, need little park area and a feast for the eye with a great look. As you can see one really has a very wide range of models. No matter what scooter class they choose a used Scooter is definitely a lot cheaper and provides the same fun as a new scooter. Michael Muller of the Vespa motorcycle blog