March, the month of failures. Valencia is transformed into a city full of light and color. The smell of gunpowder in the mascleta, churros and fritters, those flashing lights decorating the streets, the music, the apparel fallera in short, festive atmosphere is look where you look at. However, Valencia highlights not only by their failures, but also by the foods that are grown in this land so fertile. Foods such as rice, horchata and Orange are common in the diet of the Valencians. In particular, this last, is configured as an essential citrus on the day for the important contribution of energy and vitamins available. And, if we also add the opportunity to savor a citrus fruit of these characteristics coming from organic farming, its properties are increased with respect to the traditional crop. Organic Orange is a citrus fruit that contains large doses of vitamin C, important antioxidant which helps to retard cell aging.

Is recommended to take it in the form of juice accompanying meals, since this Vitamin facilitates absorption of iron containing foods. Likewise, if the Orange is taken squeezed is advisable do so immediately, because otherwise, it tends to lose vitamins, due to exposure to light or to the oxygen in the air. It is, without doubt, a highly recommended food for all ages, necessary to prevent colds because they contain vitamins, also suggested in case of suffering from obesity, since it has a slight satiating effect. In addition, ecological oranges help us in moments of stress or exams, providing the necessary energy required in these stages, with very few calories. Visit: original author and source of the article.