Colorful Cartoon Pictures For A Good Cause

Children improve the world of Nuremberg the world child time day, is on May 6, 2012 February 2012 world child time day again! On this day, children paint all over the world with much joy and creativity to annually changing topics and help children in need at the same time. This year, the small artists to the motto of comic book heroes 2012 paint, because this gives the little playful manner, what the world might look like, and what they themselves can improve. World child time day, children will themselves to little do-gooders with the self-made superhero. On May 6, it will again kunterbunt, because it is world child time day. On this day, children paint alone or in the Group of their favorite comic book heroes or most exciting comic stories. Dealing with paper and pens, the little ones is not only fun, it stimulates creativity and promotes the child’s development. Creative action and painting to create courage and self-confidence, the initiative is funded and free willingness to let the fantasy”, explains the Hamburger Child psychotherapist Dr. med.

Miriam b. This year’s theme of comic book heroes 2012 “also supported this development. So it motivates the little ones to do so, just like their heroes to be brave, to cause large and own initiative for others to engage. Because each image to the world child time day can help children in need. With a self painted picture children in need even painted images help children meet with much pride. Family members and friends can encourage them in their deeds, by a sponsorship for a picture and to donate a small amount to social projects of SOS – Kinderdorf e.V. in Germany. So give the feeling of having created something special for emergency children suffering from a value the children! Because there are more and more children need help also in Germany.