Hot Quark

Talk with your child about what you do. Also ask whether it is pleasant, or whether something should be changed (for example, the temperature of the sleeve). Older children can also help preparing the wrap. Best during the entire time of the sleeve, stay with your child. You can see the response better. Also, closeness and affection once additional help during the recovery process. Warm or cold wrap? Depending on what problems there are, you should opt for a warm or a cold compress.

Please note that the cold wrap should be not really cold, but maximum 1-2C below body temperature. The cold wrap”entziehend heat affects the body. “” The action is decongestant “and inflammation-depleting”. Don’t forget to warm up when cold wrap your child then again and to wrap up warm. The warm wrap promotes blood circulation and keeps you warm. Freezes your child a warm wrap can be very pleasant. Also, warm belly wrap can be used for digestive problems (E.g., flatulence). You must use not always wet wipes for wrapping.

You are unsure which winding is right, wrapping just once with dry cloths. Winding Quark Quark is a popular addition to wrapping. There are infinitely many recipes that can fill entire books. This one should be described so only as an example: Quark for external application to initiate a lactic acid process. As a result, inflammation substances are derived through the skin. Areas of application are: body warmer wrap: cough dry cough, bronchitis of cooling wrap: sunburn insect bites headaches itching. Eczema is equal to body temperature as well as cooling wrap: the Quark is about 1 cm thick painted on a cloth and applied to the affected area of the body. Some manufacturers offer with the active ingredient bags wrap, where you simply fill the Quark. The active ingredient of bag can be washed later. Depending on whether you make a cold or a warm application, you should take the Quark before a few hours in the refrigerator. Ideally, you heat the wrap with a cherry pit – or grape core bag. In the same way you can keep the wraps warm have of the application. Pre-made wrap sets here have advantages: often this is an opening where a corresponding grape seed or pit bag is inserted just have. So the children for a longer period of use can move freely, without having something in place. Hot Quark packs let you interact with 4-10 hours. When cold wrap, the application lasts approximately 20 minutes.