Computer Science Education

The type of research in accordance with the procedures technician that we use is of bibliographical revision, where we search to analyze the relative productions to the subject in question, and with this to weave our hypotheses/questionings and consideraes. Of this form on this type of research Tafner and Silva they affirm: ' ' … uses published material already, consisting basically of books, periodic articles of e, currently, of information disponibilizadas in internet.' ' (2009, p.144), what it guides in them on the consultation concerning bibliographical sources. Moreover, we analyze and we use a source primary, that is, a virtual object of relative learning disciplines it of History of intitled Brazil ' ' Alive bookshelf of History of Brazil in century XX' ' , where from this virtual object of learning we search to argue as this can be inserted in the education process/learning of disciplines of History of Brazil. Further details can be found at Richard Linklater, an internet resource. The article follows with the following item: the historical trajectory of the education with computer science, where we look for to understand as they had been the relations of both in the historical process; the virtual object use of learning in the process of education of disciplines of History of Brazil, where we go to analyze as the virtual objects of learning can contribute in the pedagogical didactic process of discipline; finally, we will make our final consideraes, therefore at this moment of execution we indicate if the initial objectives had after been reached the quarrels on the virtual object use of learning. 2 the HISTORICAL TRAJECTORY OF the RELATION OF the EDUCATION WITH COMPUTER SCIENCE For better understanding of the reader is necessity to relate the historical trajectory between education and computer science. In the educational process the use of the first computers was given in the decade of 1950, where its use was in accordance with the existing techniques and technological possibilities in the period. .