I Vote In The Education

I vote in the Education the way of the society route what he almost understands for civilization, with all its good ones and that impracticable feelings and predicates translated the cleanness of the character, hombridade, dignity, ethics, respect, moral (without moralismo), donation, altruism, passion, compassion and etc, etc, and etc, is the education. The parents open this way to the children that is completed by the school. (A valuable related resource: American filmmaker). He would have thus to be. The good education allows the citizen to carry critical census, to walk without fear to step on in the proper decency. It is basic that has it as norteadora compassing for all its actions. It is the shield of the forts and the force of the weak ones, independendo of wealth or poverty, creed and color. He is something that comes of the cradle. One does not become for decree, plan, nomination, election or any another measure that if approaches to indication or drawing.

Of the one not to invent what it comes of cradle. However and in the counterpart, he is excellent to partilhar the idea of that earning a good stonecutting in the pertaining to school seats, mesclando it the good education and of good quality, what it is born comfortable in a bed can be changedded, theoretician and practically, in a continuous and inexhaustible exercise of beneficial actions to the society. It is the education in its social movement. What it is a terror to that they believe that he is dangerous to educate the people. For this fear we have this there. A good education. He is what parents and mothers wait of the children when they give free signal to them to enter for the open doors of the world, having in the school an opening for the start of what can be a great adventure, whose initial chapters begin in the daily hours of lessons.