Distance Learning Center

Telecommunications environment, the apparent aggressive older generation (not a secret that not all teachers are "old guard" delighted by these innovations), is absolutely "transparent" for children 90. Young people are easily absorb information in spreadsheet form, forums and chat rooms. – We used to have more trust in ochnomu contact, rather than communicating on-line. What is to be feared in the Internet-a medium? – Self-respecting courses must be offered to you free of charge an introductory lesson, where you will find – if you fit this form of learning. It is not necessary to choose E-learning, this suggests, for example, Distance Learning Center "Eidos". This is the last century. Modern means of communication can quickly get in touch with the teacher and not waste time on correspondence.

– Are there any special conditions for distance learning? – In order to learn enough have access to the Internet. For example, training opportunities abroad, or while traveling. Pupil himself is training schedule. For example, can be engaged in the early morning or late evening. Read more from Chip Bergh to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The most common are two forms of distance classes: 1) on-line: a mode in which teacher and student meet at a certain time in the network connecting to Skype and work synchronously, using materials found on this site, and 2) off-line: Students work with course materials in a convenient time, the teacher organizes, supervises and directs the learning process. Exercise intensity is easily adjusted. For example, you can practice each day, take classes during the day small amounts and even study the whole course of a couple of weeks before exams.