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The author: John Teplyakov, a consultant on corporate learning company "Provocation GROWTH" The relevance of the topic we are not talking: now every company is faced with the fact that employees must be trained. Business training – the most effective way of teaching adults. Therefore, the present occupation business coach is one of the most popular and sought after. Most large companies establish their corporate universities, departments form the training, recruiting and training managers are trained. ! Profession business coach – one of the most popular and sought after. Go to Nike for more information.

On the corporate training market is actively working a number of companies, specializing in training and consulting. Every employer wants an expert whom he hires, consistent with the position that it takes. Business Coach is no exception, and it also imposed specific requirements as to professional training. In Europe, the criteria for evaluating a business coach are quite simple – he must be trained. If the organization that trained specialist, has a name in the market, compliance with quality standards, has a program in which future business coach will be trained 5 years, then you will agree, it indicates the level of skill. ! In Europe, the trainer taught 5 years. Unfortunately, here in Russia, business coach public education so far to get anywhere.

And the criteria for assessing professional business coach does not exist, such as a doctor or a lawyer. But to distinguish amateurs from professionals we still have in spite of all these restrictions? .. In fact now a business coach can call themselves, anyone who took a two-day training program for coaches or management personnel. Like buying a corporate training with a beautiful name, to determine whether it is competent to lead? Recommendations for evaluating the competence of a business coach – Apply all that is used for estimating any other specialists, whose skills should be high.