Evo Morales

But after three embarrassing years in which the country lost its dignity and sovereignty, Bolivians did not have enough, and reincidiran in their enjoyment for the humiliation. They voluntarily elect their oppressors. Freedom is no longer attribute a citizen, and the ruthless warlordism, with popular compromise, will take the flanges of the nation. There are people who enjoy being slaves. How can they be so blind? The answer is simple: the eyes see only what the mind is trained to understand. The ignorance is general and there is a long-term perspective. The problem is almost hemispherical.

These elections will leave bloody footprints. The civil war was not ruled out. Neither a foreign invasion. If Evo Morales gets majority of Deputies and senators, there will be no who set brake. It will have autocratic powers.

Its despotism will be imposed with legal overtones, for blessing of the world Liberals, otherwise force popular outbursts to intimidate to the citizenship. As always did. Is Bolivia ready to live in a democracy? We believed that Yes. What has happened in the last decade demonstrates that not. Democracy is the cherry on the cream of culture and tolerance. It is the reward for civilization. Cannot exist where there is no education, respect for the neighbor or the rules. Populism is the degradation of the democratic system. The treacherous personal ambitions of some of those who ruled, or wanted to do so, are responsible for this evolution. The blame for Bolivia is not the illiterate Indian who has no discretion, but in legal citizen looking to thrive with the political events. That’s that will have its Nuremberg when the Bolivarian nightmare comes to an end. original author and source of the article.