Look at the pictures, which give the search engines to search for "fireplace and design houses of St. Petersburg" to see how differently might look like fireplaces, made in different styles. Despite the fact that the classics combines many areas they have in common one thing: the shape of the fireplace is simple and elegant, harmonious proportions are respected. The furnace is opened and the portal has a U-shaped. Marble, onyx, jade and dolomite – a very popular content to the classical style. English fireplace often made of wood, it is obligatory mantelpiece. Baroque involves the mosaic or carved decoration, a widely used combination of white marble and gilded bronze.

Marble fireplaces in the Empire style differ pomp and monumentality. Country style to the north of the capital – rather exotic, but nevertheless the case that the interior design of St. Petersburg includes the "rustic" fireplace. Under his furnace is a niche for firewood over the fireplace – a decorative beam on each side – banquettes, and cute knick-knacks on the shelf. Popular materials for lining of wood, neotesany stone, brick, coquina, sandstone, tuff. Fans of luxury and old can stay at the royal tiles. Several centuries ago, these fireplaces decorated palaces in Russia and other countries. Connect with other leaders such as Richard Linklater here. Tile fireplace spreads even during its construction: brick wall tiles are fixed using pieces of wire.

Professionals, for whom the creation of interior design and cottages of St. Petersburg – the main area of activity, usually work in high-tech style. Extravagant, non-traditional forms (prisms, polygons) that intersect at different angles of the line, high-tech materials (fire rated glass and special types of plastic, stainless steel) – all signs of fire hi-tech. Certain types of fireplaces can be installed in the finished building, but if you provide for the establishment of an interior element still under construction, the choice of shapes and designs will be much wider.