Police People

Who are they and how, law enforcement agencies still unknown. However, the existence of such representatives' good with his fists, "no one denies. The representative of the regional police department Alexei Polyansky said sure, that our Police have with checking the information about the attacks of unknown persons of the gang, the people who were drinking alcohol on the streets of Rostov-on-Don. Over the past few days in Chicago, there were several incidents with the parties to the groups. Two days ago, her representatives said the massive attack on visitors to the supermarket "Sunshine" in the center of the city.

According to eyewitnesses, the number of attackers was about 20 people. At the young guys who talked and drank beer near the shop, flew the crowd. They cut down and beat them all with anything with shouts of "no Russian thumps!". Persons attackers hid medical masks. According to witnesses, they were to form a maximum of 18 years, all They were thin and shriveled. As a result of the beating suffered five people, but no medical advice is not addressed. Worth noting that recently launched in the pages of All-Russian Runet social action "No more thump." But, despite the terrible statistics of alcoholism in Russia (800 thousand people die in Russia every year from the influence of alcohol. About 23% of women and more than 30% of men stated that they drink only in order to improve their the chances of sex (according to "International". I stopped drinking women periods of 10-15 years earlier than non-drinking, as well as signs of aging faster.) authors of the project is unlikely to have any involvement in the incident. In addition, many Rostov noticed that recently fences and houses of the city inscribed with slogans increasingly "Enough plump," and so on. But this one's handiwork, still remains a mystery.