From The Cockpit On Back To School: State Promotes Professional Qualification

Internet portal offers the latest industry news for the transport sector with EUR 600 million per year to relieve the Federal Government 2009 hauliers and professional drivers in connection with the so-called harmonisation of truck toll. EUR 450 million flow among others in the education and training of drivers is mandatory as of September 2009. The funds can be requested until May 15, 2009, the Federal Office of transport (BAG). With the funds that come from toll revenues, the Federal Government intends to strengthen the German transport company. A quarter of the capital is three quarters in the education and training of drivers, dispatchers and employees in haulage, as well as in investment in low-emission vehicles and safety technology in lowering the car tax for heavy trucks. The focus is on the issues of safety and the environment. Including an eco-training fuel saving as well as of course to the transport of dangerous goods falls.

Include all courses within the framework of the professional drivers training Act. Others including Richard Linklater, offer their opinions as well. After that, all truck drivers from September 2009 must demonstrate a basic qualification. Training is also required every five years. Providers include DEKRA and ADAC. A further government funding program for freight transport bears the name of de minimis. In this programme, investments in environmental technology and security are subsidized up to an annual total amount of 33,000 euros per company. Companies can make afloat its fleet up to the following maximum amounts per vehicle or busier person: depending on vehicle-related measures up to 2,000 euro (E.g.

acquisition of driver assistance or particulate reduction systems), each personal action up to 800 euros (E.g. costs for safety equipment and Workwear), move to increase efficiency up to 1,400 euros (E.g. acquisition of telematics systems). All companies that employ toll trucks over 12 tonnes come benefit from the funding. For the current year, the applications must be received until May 15, 2009 at the BAG. Information to the requirements and forms there are on the website of the Federal Office for goods transport. With always on the cutting edge by truckers, a lot is required today to getting new expertise from a wide range of areas, such as automotive, transport and traffic rights or environmental protection. The legal regulations change constantly, for example on driving and rest periods, and the use of new techniques of driver assistance systems, requires much technical know-how. The Internet portal brings together a large, clearly packed cargo service and information for hauliers and truckers. They find not only vehicles and (-) loads in freight Exchange”links and addresses for transport law between, journals, and current test reports as well as company addresses around the German transport industry are allocated to the available categories. And who are the guests can relax instead of sheep rather a while continue”, can on the popular Roadshow”click: here almost all distance – and exit – Raststatte signs are documented in a photo gallery along the German motorways. Calming pass the familiar blue-and-white signs: health resorts of Beelitz, Bruck, Niemegk, small Marzehns, Koselitz, Coswig… until the lids reduce, and without rumble strips.