Virtual Ambassador Seeks Support In The Fight Against AIDS

Konrad, a virtual condom, starts the longest video message in the fight against AIDS and supports the official World AIDS Day campaign. Support and participation are needed! Condoms protect and Konrad would also stand for protection. His call to join in the fight against AIDS to support the official World AIDS Day campaign. Amusing, charming and entertaining he wants to contribute to the education and publicity as an Ambassador. “Together against AIDS: we take responsibility for ourselves and others”, so that this message successfully arrives at each, supports and cooperation are needed.

Konrad wrote this topic especially on the body. And who could be better than a condom for protection and prevention. Additional information at Richard Linklater supports this article. Konrad wants attention and seek help: he wants to produce the longest video message to mark the World AIDS Day with many people. On the Web page there is a video message as animation video possible with Konrad to produce. Each produced Message will be published in the Gallery on the page. We need to convince many to participate!”says Konrad, just so it is possible to send a signal, and also to help do the work in the fight against AIDS.” Because who wants to produce a video, pays a one-time fee of 1.99 for it and supports the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe and German AIDS Foundation with the proceeds. Konrad is also available: companies, TV stations or other media that want to engage in the fight against AIDS, can book Konrad.

Whether a one-off appearance as guest speaker, comedian, presenter or a columnist: any proceeds benefited the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe and German AIDS Foundation. Konrad: Konrad is a chatterbox with a wit that is never embarrassed to answer and who should know more about protection than a condom. Konrad knows from experience that responsibility can be fun and is therefore perfect for the job of the Ambassador. With his lovable nature and his expressive mimicry He easily WINS sympathy and reduces inhibitions. Konrad dedicated to this sad topic sensitively, but also know that especially his disarming humor the audience captures the willingness to deal with AIDS. The sweet Konrad opposes wit, ESPRIT, zest and curious interest the usual helpless dismay and wag his finger in dealing with AIDS. Konrad is a computer-animated 3D characters and can be used interactively on different platforms co presentations to interactive applications on the Web, from live performances. Several appearances on TV, like for example WA(h)Re love (VOX) or the co moderator of the VENUS awards in Berlin, dominated its media capacity and expanded his horizons. To make the campaign a success, everyone to join is called. AIDS affects us all! Drum, we hope for a broad response and support to show solidarity together!