Good Makeup Artist

A good makeup artist should know: what makeup is needed for a particular type of person. Round face to visually "extend", for the cheeks should look smaller. After applying the tint on the side of the face, ear, temporal depression Apply a dark powder. Blush on the cheekbones are applied more intensively, stretching to the corners of his mouth. Learn more about this with David G. DeWalt. Square face.

In this case, blush on the cheekbones are applied in the form of a triangle, elongated in the direction of the temples. The lateral surface of the face and lower jaw zapudrivayutsya dark powder. Long face. With face blusher visually expands. Blush is applied closer to the ear, taking the tip of the ear lobe and the anterior surface of the cheeks, keeping the shape of an oval, shading flat. Triangular face.

The main objective of makeup – to balance the wide part of the person with more narrow. Dark powder applied to the temporal cavity of the jaw and chin, a light blush – on the front surface face. Diamond-shaped face. Dark toned powder to the side of the protruding cheekbones. To soften facial blush applied to the shape of a triangle and shaded at the outer corners of eyes. Trapezoidal face. The skin on the lower jaw dark powder to powder, blush and apply to cheekbones to form a rectangle. Cheeks wider temples. Blush superimposed on the convex part of the cheeks. Light powder is applied to the forehead, temples and a little bit in the middle face, and dark – on the cheek below the temples. High cheekbones and narrow chin. Lower face is covered with a light powder, and the upper part of the face and the tip of the chin – the dark. Apply blush to the top of the convex jaw, with a slight shift in the form of a wedge on the cheek. Long chin. The convex part of a long chin, dark powder applied. Chin. At the very chin dark powder applied, and at the tip of the chin, and his curve – lighter powder.