Heat Insulation Window Save Energy

Energy saving is an important issue for State, property owners and tenants informed the glass mirror frame GmbH from Munich. Subsidy programs were initiated due to environmental and energy considerations, support real estate owners in the energy-related modernisation of buildings. Obsolete window contribute significantly to the excessive consumption of energy and fossil fuels. Accordingly, they are replaced in most funded measures. The glass mirror frame GmbH represents, how about modern heat-insulating Windows and why home owners benefit from them. There is a usually a temperature difference between the outside world and the Interior of a building. Basic laws of nature cause a convergence of different temperatures by exchanging thermal energy in any system with such differences.

You can easily determine this when you open any window of a heated room in the depths of winter. Even with the Windows closed, it is internal heat through glass panes after outside are submitted. The physical compensation trend leads to the supply of heating power to the outside world. The lower the thermal insulation of the glass, the more energy is lost and must be compensated by additional heating usage. In particular the single glazing old building causes a waste of energy. Such Windows have only a simple glass with better thermal properties than air. With a single glazing, very much heat lost therefore in cold times. For new buildings, this form of glazing is already prohibited due to their inefficiency.

Nevertheless, one finds unfortunately still in old buildings. Real heat-insulating Windows are used since the 1950s. They consist of a combination of intervening, gas-filled cavities separated glass. Air tight to complete the entire system, the glass panes with spacers as are one or two centimeters kept away from each other and sealed by special gaskets. The space between the discs contains a Gas, which is less heat conductive as the window glass. A desiccant prevents the occurrence of condensation between the glass layers. The heat-insulating properties of these window types result from the bad heat transmission of the contained gases. The heated surface of the window may provide little energy to the filling gases. Thus, much of the heat dissipation to the outside world is prevented from the outset. Air was originally used as a filler gas. However, modern insulation window use the noble gases argon or krypton, whose Warmeleitfahigkeit is significantly lower. Increasingly even more effective heat insulation glazing will be asked in the course of the current discussions on climate change and energy saving. Window with climate protection glass are a new trend that is built into buildings. This involves insulating window with three separate panes of glass, and accordingly two rooms containing the fill gases. The doubling of insulating gases compared to the effectiveness of insulation greatly enhances conventional insulating Windows with double glazing. Heat protection window where the filling gases are replaced by a vacuum as a worse conductor of heat, are still rare. The use of heat insulation glazing reduces energy consumption and protects the environment and purse alike. The use of funding programmes offers property owners a further incentive to increase the energy efficiency of their buildings. The glass mirror frame GmbH is available at any time for more information on the topic of heat insulation glazing. Press contact: Contact person: Mr. Dieter Kuhn Duke Spitalstrasse 9 RGB. 80331 Munich Tel.: 0 89 / 26 02 61 87 fax 0 89 / 26 02 61 88 email: Homepage: