In 1998, PeopleSoft had become exclusively Internet-based system, PeopleSoft 8. No client software to maintain and supports over 150 applications. PeopleSoft 8 is the creation of over 2,000 dedicated developers and $ 500 million in research and development. PeopleSoft branched out from its original platform of human resources in the 1990s and now supports everything from customer service to management supply chain. Its user-friendly system requires minimal training is relatively inexpensive to implement. . One of the main contributions to PeopleSoft CRM was their detailed analytic program that identifies and classifies the importance of customers based on numerous criteria, including the amount of purchase, cost of supply and service frequency. Oracle built a solid client base of high end in late 1980, burst into national attention around 1990 when, under Tom Siebel, the company aggressively marketed a small-to-medium business CRM solution.

Unfortunately, it could keep track of sales was incredible and met a few years of real problems. Oracle landed on his feet after a restructuring and refocusing of its own customer needs and by mid-1990 the company was again a leader in CRM technologies. They remain one of the leaders in the market for the company with the client Oracle Data Management System. TeleMation CRM solution is flexible and easy to use, with a set of tools that allows you to change the features and settings relatively easy. The system also provides a quick learning environment that newcomers will appreciate. Its uniqueness is that, although it is compatible with Windows, was developed as a Linux program.