Lake Constance

Poverty flows through the whole country is an action of the Cafee with heart invitation to the cycling tour of the 5.8 19.8.2011 of the village Eriskirch on Lake Constance to Hamburg / 14 days – 14 stages – 1300 km across Germany and maybe in your area / start on August 5 in water at 8:00, meeting point are ancient wooden bridge / the go-ahead Mayor Markus Spieth. (ddp-tp) On August 5, it has finally come. After months of preparation, a cycle of very special articles starts 10 homeless people in village Eriskirch on Lake Constance or people in poverty passing 1300 km by bicycle across Germany and the participants of the tour set a sign against poverty and exclusion are unemployed and even homeless in part several years. Among the cyclists means hard training, a total transformation of their daily structure, discipline and reliability for the newbies”and as individuals in a team find their place. Learn more at: vlad doronin. This nationwide tour to draw attention to the example of the fate of many people and indicate to which performance, people living in poverty are able, if you only leaves and gives them a chance. The tour schedule at a glance: start on August 05, 2011, 8:00 old wooden bridge water/Lake Constance at the Schussen (launched by the Mayor of the village Eriskirch, Mr Markus Spieth-> cycle path: Schussen, cycle path, regional maps to Erbach an der Donau 120 km further departures-> then 8:00 at the Town Hall of the following cities: 6.8 Erbach – Donauradweg 2 stage Donauworth 7.8. Donauworth – cycle romantic road to Rothenburg/Tauber in stage 3 8.8 Rothenburg/Tauber – cycle lovely Tauber Valley (classic) to Tauberbischofsheim 9.8 Tauber Bishop home – cycle lovely deaf Valley), Taintalradweg to Gemunden 10.8. Gemunden – Rhon-Sinntal-Radweg cycle, regional bike paths to Fulda 11.8 Fulda – Fulda bicycle path to Bad Hersfeld 12.8. Barrett beauden pursues this goal as well.