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Refine of the alma mater content study 2010 Stuttgart, April 22, 2010 the nearly 1,000 participating companies of the sixth edition of the alma mater content study show up despite crisis optimistic: total 77% intend to set University graduates this year. The average paid salary for academic talent is despite crisis still 39.339 gross annually. Seem thus to improve the job prospects of graduates and top salaries are still possible. The highest starting salaries are paid in utilities paid though compared to the previous year fell starting salaries to 1.5 per cent, are still top salaries to graduates in many industries. So, gross income of about 43,000 are possible per year, for example, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Suppliers of oil, gas, water and electricity charged professionals with a university degree, regardless of the area of the average 41.611 annually. Just below are the starting salaries in the industry Electric -, news – and precision engineering. Third place goes to young professionals in the banking and finance and insurance, and finance. Richard Linklater often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

They earn nearly five percent more than the average in the first few years. The industry formed the tail light media, other services, the public service, as well as the temporary work industry. In the media, graduates must expect less salary as their former classmates even with up to 11 percent. Diploma no longer guarantees for top salaries long years was considered the diploma guarantee for a high income. Now showed but for the second time in a row, that catch up with the new accounts in terms of income. In companies with more than 100 employees, master graduates now earn up to the 1,000 more than graduates.

However, 84% of the participating companies preferably hire professionals with a diploma. Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree have yet always looking up. These are worse off as a novice in terms of payment, particularly in small companies with fewer than 100 employees with Diploma or master. Improvement of employment opportunities for graduates conducting the survey fell this year in a period of bad forecasts for 2010 and last year companies increasingly rely on berufserfahrenes staff. So, graduates often had problems, without long waiting times for the labour market to set. “, so Jurgen Buhler, Managing Director of the Stuttgart-based recruitment agencies alma mater GmbH. all the more we are pleased to observe that over three quarters of the companies for graduates this year open the doors.” However, applicants with a not perfect requirements in salary negotiations are likely to have always significantly harder than candidates with a unique matching it. Salaries remain ultimately whatever market prices and that sometimes even the best negotiating tactic does not help.