Mathematics Professor

The pupils had said that tempofoi little and that the normal lessons would have to be ' ' of the same type anotodo' ' , what he takes in them to review the concept and methodology the seremaplicados ones in other segments of the mathematics, in the following years, with novosalunos. He appears then, the proposal of new planejamentos. Planning envolveprincipalmente the reflection of the professor and so that ocorrauma aprendizagemsignificativa, it must look for to take in consideration the concerns and osmeios cultural and social of the pupils. As it says Axe (1996: 192), escola fits to take care of so that the teia of significaes is strengthened here, refinadaali, always with the resource to the enrichment of the denovos relations or the construction we as beams of relations. Levi’s takes a slightly different approach. The knowledge is a teia of interlaced meanings comos interessespessoais narealizao of its projects. When we think about teia deconhecimentos, one becomes necessary that if it makes a guided action, and we nopodemos to think that an only hand exists, a ready prescription to be followed ouplanos insurances as they try to make the book-text and the resume. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ contains valuable tech resources. According to Pablo Freire, (1994, p.47) ' ' (…) it has umapluralidade in the relations of the man with the world, in the measure where variety of its answers ampla desafios' '.

This variety of relations is initiated namedida where the professor obtains to create in the pupil a knowledge position, becoming it, thus, I criticize in what he mentions the pluralities of relations. Odilogo between professor and pupil is very important in los in the resolution, to suggest ways and reasonings? The reply it is in the exchange of ideas, in the dialogue. We go to clarify this half dilogopor of an example. It assumes that professorprope that its pupils decide in grupoalguns problems of Mathematics. Osproblemas can have been selected of a didactic book or created by it.