National University

It is the study of the rights and the obligations of the people, of the rules morals that the people apply when they make decisions and of the nature of the relations between people. Code of ethics It is a formal document that declares the primary values of an organization and the ethical rules that hope that they follow his employees. a) of the identification 1. Amazon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. All the people, within the University Campus and in any atmosphere of the National University of Piura are forced to exhibit their identification. Authorities, Educational and Personal Office staff: Fotocheck.Alumnos: University membership card (Fotocheck Type).

Visitors. Identification that &quot says; Visitante" (Fotocheck Type). b) of the personal presentation 2) The educational, administrative Personnel and students must use a decent clothes, in agreement with the hierarchy of this House of Studies Superiors. The educational ones, will attend the dictation of classes with shirt and necktie, trousers to dress and shoes. It is prohibited the use final of slippers and blue jeans.

The educational ones are excepted that has field practices or of laboratory that requires of clothes especialNo it is allowed that an educational or administrative man, uses earrings, long hair with horse tail. The educational, administrative personnel and students cannot attend the National University of Piura using Hawaiian, short or with sport clothes. c) of the conduct norms 3. The classrooms or halls class and the reading rooms of the library, are places reserved for the sacred aims of the learning, consequently require of absolute tranquillity. Therefore final it is prohibited to make noise that disturbs the tranquillity of the assistants. Final it is prohibited that the enamored pairs of realise acts bitter against the moral, in anyone of atmospheres of the National University of PiurQueda final prohibited to remain in the contiguous corridors to the classrooms, as well as in any classroom in which it harms the normal development of the classes.