To arrive at high spheres – a headquarters, by example is not luck question, is necessary to establish I put and times, and soon to look for the tools to arrive at that point, says Katia Villafuerte, director of the degree in organizational Psychology of the Technological one of Monterrey, campus Santa Fe. A rule when the reframing how to improve in the work it is to look for what you it makes more competitive. If you are an adult profesionista, thinks which will be your value differential with respect to a young collaborator. There probably you find things that make lack, like improving the scope of emotional intelligence or to be empathicer, exemplifies the specialist. For other opinions and approaches, find out what David G. DeWalt has to say. Besides defining the field where it is wanted to acquire major competition, it establishes dates to fulfill your objectives and reviews the conducted battles continuously to reach them, Villafuerte advises. The permanent qualification is vital, although also it is certain that the managers have some defined parameters than they wanted to find in his work party.

One of those indicators is to have employees who carry out their work of personnel to shopper without having to be behind them remembering them his responsibilities, study describes Things bosses love to hear (Things that the heads love listening), coordinated and published by the vestibule of Internet In agreement with that sounding, the superiors also evaluate the capable collaborator to detect new options that allow to save resources in the organization and to remove effective results. In addition, they are interested in those who demonstrate capacity to solve difficult situations, with this last characteristic, " the reputation of the worker increases considerablemente" , it mentions the study. With respect to labor mobility, the international survey of Kelly Services detected a noticeable interest of the Mexicans by to migrate to another work. 57% of survey the delay to fulfill that goal in next the five years, and its main motor is the necessity to perceive more income. To obtain a better balance of life work is the second cause by which a 32% will look for a change, whereas it will do it to 16% by a turn in his personal interests, and 10% took that decision when visualizing that the industry where works is in declivity.