Since October 1, 2008, it is again possible to register for the academic year 2009/2010 at a University in the Netherlands for most degree programs. The advantages are sites of the universities and the students alike. Everything is easier, faster, and easier than ever before. Paper forms a thing of the past. Within a few minutes, it is possible to register. The whole thing happens completely without any red tape. A related site: Ben Ainslie mentions similar findings. After some technical difficulties with the online matriculation system study link registration runs now relatively easily. In Germany students compete often in several universities at the same time.

This is also possible, but unnecessary in many cases, at Dutch universities as there is no Numerus Clausus in the Netherlands. You can usually assume to get the desired place. Nevertheless, we recommend the sign not too long to wait, especially for degree programmes, which are subject to ballot (numerus Fixus). There are also some few programs where the date of the application decides whether one gets a place or placed on the waiting list. You need some information that should be kept ready for registration via Studielink. A description for the registration via Studielink as well as an overview of much asked questions and their answers can be found E.g.