Nintendo DS

“This goes to the heart: ‘ 2 in 1: my little baby + my boyfriend my first great love ‘ now, the Nintendo DS bundle 2 in 1 is: my little baby + my boyfriend my first great love” available on the market. Thanks to two tracks on a map can slip the player into different roles: as a loving mother or father, they take care of a baby or embark as a teenager on the search for their dream guy. “Hamburg, 28 January 2013 what it means to take responsibility for a feisty newborn or give anything to draw attention to his flock in, each in 2 in 1 can now: my little baby + my boyfriend my first great love” experience itself. The new Nintendo DS bundle brings powerful now momentum in the lives of players and players. “My Little baby in my little baby” is a sweet baby in the life of the player and brought her mother and father feelings. From now on, they give him their whole love and worry about it, that it him on nothing is missing.

Here, they learn that even such a small tot requires much attention and they must carefully deal with him. So the new parents at the first wrapping, feeding or bathing do everything right, there is a nanny with tips and advice. With their help, splendidly developed the baby and can grow up to be a campaign toddler. Left out the parents fooling around with their offspring at the tickling or cuckoo game and thereby build a close bond with each other. With age, he is always active and explores its environment. The player experience the first steps of her protege and when he speaks his first words. The most common moments can be photographed and later seen in the photo album. My boyfriend my first great love there is probably nothing better, than to fall in love and to be with his dream-boy together.