The Chocolate Bunny Quiz

Have you ever wondered why we have chocolate bunnies at Easter have you ever wondered why we have chocolate bunnies at Easter? Where did they come from? What do they “mean”? Why are we attracted to them? It seems the Easter bunny got its start in the 1800s in Germany. At that time what made of pastry and sugar it. When the Germans immigrated to America they brought with them this tradition of the Easter bunny. There it evolved into a being made of chocolate. Today the chocolate Easter bunny is everywhere. Chocolate Easter eggs are so popular, but the bunny is the prize in the basket. There are usually several eggs, but only one bunny. And that bunny is usually eaten slowly piece by piece.

The chocolate Easter bunny comes in a hollow form or solid. Which do you like? Is one better than the other? It all depends on the child of a person you are as to whether you like the hollow or the solid chocolate bunny. There is even a theory that your personality be revealed by what wants part of the Easter bunny you eat first. Check here in this online quiz out the Easter bunny eating test. So if you get a chocolate bunny at Easter this year think carefully before you biteu0085 You may be revealing your personality! Young children of course get great pleasure from going on a search for the hidden chocolate bunny and eggs at Easter time. It’s almost like Christmas.

Some wake early in the morning to search throughout their home to see if they can find where these chocolate treasures have been hidden. And the ultimate prize is finding the chocolate bunny; which is usually hidden with great care. What about adults. What doe the chocolate Easter bunny meaning have for them? For some it this goes back to the rabbit being the symbol in of fertility. Young couples planning on starting a family will sometime give the chocolate bunny gifts to one another with hopes that it will somehow enhance their fertility to start a family. The chocolate bunny can therefore be used as a means of flirting. It may show up as a sweet gift between adults in many unexpected places. Or as unexpected surprise. Sometimes those are best gifts of all. And if it is not possible for you to give someone a real bunny, why not gift go to the Spacelocker chocolate gallery and find a virtual one there and send it to a Spacelocker friend