October Revolution

That is, the Orthodox celebrate Christmas on the Julian calendar on December 25! As well as the October Revolution (even numbers are the same – 25 and 7 months, only different): one day (event) correspond to different dates (since they take up different calendars), the revolution took place on 7 November and a new style or 25 October to the old. And so for all events: the Catholic Christmas meets Dec. 25 in the new style or Dec. 12, Old Style, New Year corresponds to January 1, new style, or 19 December to the old, January 14, New Style – January 1, old style, new style – a later date, but the old style – the older date. Similarly, and ‘Orthodox’ celebrate Christmas on January 7, new style, or December 25 as before. This silly phrase ‘7 January to the old style ‘(or ’14 January to the old style’) – is wrong. Correct to say that we celebrate Old New Year is not on Old Style on 14 January and we celebrate Old New Year, old style (old calendar) a day, which in the new style (calendar) corresponds to the date of January 14! People would all just, and they throw out some suggestions (Unstressed) ‘in the day, which corresponds to a new calendar date’, and say so ‘celebrate Old New Year, old style (more miss) January 14 ‘. And it seems that ‘old style’ – a scientific term, ie 14 January to the old style, but it’s Jan. 14 New Style! The old style corresponds to 1 January – New Year’s Eve.