Orchards In The City

The Orchard urban, comparable to the garden in the garden, it covered spaces or not for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables and fruit at the domestic level, without therefore belittle the quality of the products obtained from them. They tend to be areas of cultivation of small dimensions managed by amateurs, where good knowledge allow you to make your most. For this purpose, adequate knowledge of species produced is fundamental since times of cultivation according to the species, frames plantation, cultural tasks, rotation crop, etc. must be performed as best as possible. You can have the urban gardens in areas designated for that purpose, either in the periphery of the city or at home on the terrace and even on the balcony. When these are in houses with land, are called Garden in the garden, as this is the place where you are located.

In this case, are reserved areas within the garden with care and specific utility. They usually have specific dimensions and be more or less hidden but always integrated within the garden area. In the case of the urban garden, the ground can be natural crop area or a new area adapted for this purpose. It may even be growing tables when only used for cultivation of ornamental and horticultural. Note that in the latter case any even of hydroponic. The urban garden and orchard in the garden, have gone from being of strategic importance in the diet during difficult moments in which these foods are scarce, to be a fascinating hobby, educational for children besides profitable if performs well. That this type of garden is organic or not is an option to take. If you want traditional products to manage (seeds, fertilizers, substrates, etc.) are any of those offered on the market. If you want to be eco-friendly, will depart sow products especially manufactured or grown for this purpose, including the seeds or seedlings.