The Quality

Within the observable behaviors happen frequently, in this type of bond is:-losing individuality: do what your want, when you want, but on the inside I have no desire to do so. I don’t dare to say no. -Make partner what he or she should do: remove economic, social, job responsibilities, and delivered to the task of solving life. -Be always willing to collaborate and help, even if they don’t ask us, or request, i.e., are ready to contribute. -More give what we receive in return: situation that creates significant imbalances in the life partner. -Also the rescuers, thought by her partner, feel for your partner and are even capable of living by your partner.

These are some of the attitudes towards the couple when we are to the rescue of the relationship. Caring for others is an act of love, but care for other forgetting me of me, is a very large distortion on the relations of life partner. Although education tells us that we have to think about others, is truth, we think of others because we live in a society and we all need all. But love more to another to forget of me is a condition that leads to live painful, frustrating, irresponsible, and in the background, relations are filled with empty and heartbreak. It is a very twisted conception in a life of a two. You need to make you charge it, and then be able to make you responsible for others. There is no other alternative.

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