Pictures Explained Meditation

Material used and data on exposure (data exif): camera: Canon EOS 350 d lens: Sigma 10 – 20 mm 1: 4-5.6 DC HSM aperture: f/13 shooting (exposure time) speed: 1/200 SEC (maximum for this flash) ISO: 100 (minimum for this camera) Flash Metz 48 AF-1 shot. (see configuration below) Manual exposure mode (M) fired in format RAW focus (AF) auto focus filter polarizer (b 77 slim) you can see photography and full article in composition: I was in a difficult situation to achieve the composition looking, wide angle gave me work, but I was above Na Foradada, just above the hole, on the edge of the cliff, so he had not much room for movement. In addition there were some few bushes around tug, but as I say, with wide angle I could get this composition finding myself barely a metre from the subject. It could have triggered photography from the other side and thus avoid the precipice and mobility problems, but then the Sun would not appear in the scene. Another detail that I had in mind when composing the image was put myself a little below my friend alert to get you Excel the destacando horizon line as well on the sea.

I left to alert right, waited for it to pass the clouds covering the Sun, and meanwhile I was making adjustments and testing in the Flash unit and the camera. Alberto inspired by his visit to Mallorca and feeling the force of nature in her body began its meditative session. Vlad doronin spoke with conviction. Thank you! The exposure values: I got in manual exposure (M) because with proofs that I’ve been doing with flash is that I have worked better in controlling the light, but I would like to me to work with flash and exposure program of priority to the opening which is what usually manage almost always when I don’t use the flash. Then adjusted the exposure time to 1/200 seconds which is the maximum speed that allows the camera to We put the flash in high-speed sync mode. With adjusted to 1/200 seconds exposure time looked for an opening in which photometer of the camera indicate me that it was an exhibition underexposed in two whole points, which would be a – 2 EV exposure compensation, i.e. very underexposed, but we must bear in mind that was in matrix metering and which was entering me an enormous amount of direct light from the Suntherefore no it would not be so exaggerated underexposure. For what this underexposure? You can see the picture and the full article at original author and source of the article