What Do Witches Today?

Bibi, Hermione and Sabrina changed the world? Although nowadays fewer people than ever believing witches, but for example the Wiccan religion, the nature religion of the witches in America is accepted. How to get BBs? A witch is a most blessed female creature, with magic powers and spreading Salvation or doom. During the proclamation of Christianity, the witches apparently joined with the devil. Recognized today as superstition, the witch hunt enacted but in the middle ages. Elves and fairies were however spared.

In popular belief, rode a witch on her broomstick through the night and was accompanied by some animals, as if there were, the cat (preferably black), the Raven (black anyway) and the OWL (may be black). Happened no longer loves me something inexplicable, like a crop failure, an endless milk cow, my husband or similar, you needed to accuse only the stupid neighbour or the beautiful rival she was a witch and whoosh, problem solved. s. And who wanted to have doubts about that. We women are ever inherently bad and corrupt. And the few saints among us are weak and can hardly resist the devil. Just wonder why Mr. Beelzebub not even intervened, not one has saved its adherents. Was probably more of a one-sided relationship.

Until 1775, he has it which otherwise think about, there took place the last slaughter down a witch namely. But maybe the women woke up finally and fully had the muzzle being a companion of Satan’s one of soo many. Yes also always somehow fatally ended this love. Today it can be even quite obviously a witch as silver jewelry around the neck, without falling of lynching victims. Thanks to Potter’s Hermione, witches confessed Sabrina, Bibi Blocksberg and others, even little girls know: somehow quite chic a witch to be. Must it apparently no longer the Devils engage. SID Kroker