Prygesa In Valdebebas

Prygesa has put up various real estate projects in Valdebebas, all of them rented dwellings BPPV cooperative. Valdebebas is a dream put in place for years, and is without a doubt one of the largest European real estate projects. That is why Prygesa has launched the management of six different houses in eta promotions area, each at different stages of management and all of them new. Promotions run by Prygesa if you are interested in purchasing a home in Valdebebas you can’t miss the following promotions, all of them are available today:-del encinar de Valdebebas S. Coop. Mad. This promotion offers 73 BPPV homes of 2 to 3 dormitotios gon garage, communal areas, swimming pool and storeroom.

-The Campus of Valdebebas S. Coop. Mad. This promotion already has the qualification of interim work license and began to build this third quarter of 2012. You may want to visit Kindle Direct Publishing KDP to increase your knowledge. There are 74 BPPV houses of new construction with two parking spaces. -The Lake of Valdebebas S.

COOP. MAD. It’s a promotion of 79 houses BPPV in the Valdebebas Lake of new building. These homes have garage, swimming pool and storeroom. They also have local community and paddle tennis court. He is expected that work will begin this fourth quarter of 2012. -Atarazanas de Valdebebas S. COOP. MAD. Atarazanas is a residential complex of 30 houses VPPL which manages Prygesa with between 2 and 4 bedrooms apartments. This promotion has the qualification of provisional works began in the second quarter of 2012. If you want to contact prygesa and enter you in multiple promotions either in Valdebebas or other areas of Madrid please do so via email to the. You can also read other articles of interest: Prygesa Prygesa Mostoles in valdebebas Facebook